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individual psychotherapy

Sessions occur on a weekly basis. As increased frequency provides greater access to the thoughts and feelings that keep you in emotional pain, I will often work with people 2-3x per week.

An initial assessment of 2-4 sessions allows me to hear what is troubling you, see how I might help, and gives you a chance to see what it is like to work with me. At the end of the assessment I will share my impressions, hear feedback from you, and we will discuss moving forward from there.

Once the decision is made to continue, we will schedule sessions for the same day and time each week. Typically, I will first hear from you; what is on your mind, what you are thinking and feeling, and then we’ll proceed to process and work through what is troubling you.

adolescent psychotherapy

Adolescence is a time where teenagers explore and discern identity, turn more towards peers, practice independence from parents, and refine academic and career goals to more closely align with interests and talents.

No small task! As such, this is a period that can be very confusing and frightening to young people. Trying to navigate all the demands they experience (both external and internal) can sometimes be too much where both the teenager and the parents feel overwhelmed. Problems that may arise include: feeling depressed, anxious or panicked, substance abuse, bullying or being bullied, academic decline, peer or family conflict, and poor judgment leading to risky behaviors.

After an initial assessment meeting with an adolescent and their parents, I typically schedule weekly sessions with the adolescent and meet with the parents on a monthly basis. Where indicated, I will work with the family together or refer parents for their own individual or couples treatment.

couples psychotherapy

Whereas individual psychotherapy focuses on the internal world of one person, couples therapy focuses on the dyad. Specifically, how each person’s unique personality, personal history, patterns of relating, and communication style influences the couple’s relationship.


I have presented on topics such as: Spirituality & Mental Health, The Psychology of Relationships, The Adoption Triangle, and others related to psychoanalysis, the arts and creativity, and personal growth.

group psychotherapy

Groups are co-ed, consist of 6-8 members, and are a way to learn about yourself, how you experience others (“that person make me feel…”) and how others experience you (how you make them feel).

Through a weekly 75 minute session, members gain insight and understanding into their patterns of relating with others that may be maladaptive. Members learn about their verbal and non-verbal communications, feelings they evoke in others, feelings others invoke in them, how to express feelings, give and receive feedback, and sustain relationships while working through conflict.

clinical supervision

I have extensive experience supervising newly licensed as well as experienced clinicians. With a broad background in education, the arts, and psychoanalytic theory and technique, I am attuned to the clinical challenges of working with human suffering.

Fees & Insurance

$150 / Session

In-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO. Will submit claims on your behalf.

Out of network coverage for most PPO’s*. Will provide you with monthly statement to submit to your insurer for reimbursement.

*Please contact your insurer to determine the exact level of mental health benefits and what portion of the cost will be covered.